VESO proudly represents Cid Lines, an EcoLab Company, as the authorized distributor of their extensively tested cleaners and disinfectants. Our experienced team members, with extensive industry knowledge, collaborate to create tailored plans using the appropriate products to ensure an efficient and effective cleaning process for your business. Implementing a robust cleaning process not only enhances fish welfare, but also improves overall economic outcomes.

VESO offers two reliable disinfectants, Virocid® and Kickstart, both approved for use in aquaculture. Following a thorough cleaning process, our disinfectants will help establish a disease-free environment for your operations.

We have rigorously tested our cleaning and disinfection products in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) with exceptional results. Alongside our comprehensive range of water quality products, our customers can rely on VESO to deliver a complete biosecurity package supported by in-depth expertise.

Innovation is highly valued at VESO, and we have developed substantial expertise in RAS systems. With the increasing number of RAS plants in Norway, the use of suitable chemicals becomes vital, and we work to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Through collaboration with Marineholmen RASlab, VESO has conducted trials with our products, providing documented evidence of their effectiveness and suitability for this type of facility. When combined with our bacteria products, we guarantee efficient cleaning and disinfection, followed by prompt start-up and stable operation.

For hygiene plans, product information, and pricing, please reach out to our advisor. We are here to assist you.