CIP cleaners

VESO proudly represents Cid Lines, an EcoLab Company, as the authorized distributor of their extensively tested cleaning and disinfectant products. Our experienced team members, with extensive industry knowledge, design tailored plans using the appropriate products to ensure your business achieves an efficient and effective cleaning process. A well-executed cleaning process not only enhances fish welfare but also contributes to improved economic outcomes.

Disinfecting areas such as pipes, tanks, and other spaces where foaming products are undesirable serves little to no purpose. To address this, our CIP (Clean-In-Place) cleaners are specifically designed for such applications. By utilizing our CIP cleaners before disinfection, you can eliminate 90-99% of all microbes and achieve visual cleanliness before proceeding with disinfection.

For hygiene plans, product information, and pricing, please contact our advisor. We are here to assist you.