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The fish pod about everything to do with fish

The fishing podcast is a podcast from VESO for anyone interested in fish farming and aquaculture, both those who work in the industry and those who just want to learn more.

The podcast is made by Karoline Skaar Amthor and Kristian Natland. Both are veterinarians and above average interested in fish.

We will try to give you an introduction to what aquaculture and fish farming are, what are the industry's main challenges and possible solutions to these, and why this industry has become so important to little Norway. Which is certainly not small when it comes to fish production.

We will talk about management and food production, nature conservation, salmon lice and other fish diseases, fish welfare, vaccines and medicines, farming on land, new farming species, research and development etc. In each episode we will have a current guest with us.

We are available on all podcast platforms, in addition to Spotify and iTunes. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or send us an email at fiskepodden@veso.no Listen, like and share!

Special edition: biofilter

The Veterinary Institute works to find better solutions to predict and prevent disease.